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AC Installation & Repair

When outdoor temperatures skyrocket, a functional AC system protects our homes and businesses from the oppressive heat. Get 24/7 AC repair service to help you stay cool all summer long. Call us at 417-863-1122 for quality service for AC Installation Springfield MO.

Proper Sizing Is Critical | AC Installation Springfield MO

Proper sizing of an air conditioner is always important, but it is especially critical in our region of the country where the humidity has such a huge impact. Be sure you work with a qualified professional to make sure you are getting the right size unit. Proper installation is just as important as choosing the right air conditioner when it comes to energy-efficient performance. 

It’s critical to size the equipment correctly to ensure it matches your cooling requirements. Oversized systems waste energy with frequent on/off cycles while never providing comfort. Undersized systems run for longer and longer periods, trying but failing to keep everyone cool.

Our skilled professionals conduct cooling load calculations to determine the ideal size. This analysis ensures the system’s cooling capacity fits your needs to perfection.

Air Conditioner Installation

As a designated a Trane Comfort Specialist, Lorenz installs air conditioners with a proven record of reliability and energy-efficient operation. Our NATE-certified technicians meet Trane’s highest standards for expertise and customer service. Our free consultations for AC service in Springfield MO make it easy to explore all your options.

Air Conditioning Repair Springfield MO

Keeping your system operating as efficiently for as long as possible is our goal which means repairing your existing system properly is very important. Our factory trained technicians have the skills to make the repairs you need to keep your system running in tip top shape and cool even on the hottest days.

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At Lorenz, we’re your friends in plumbing, heating and air. We can help with emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. Call or text 417-863-1122 for AC repair in Springfield MO.