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Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps-Not your grandpa’s heat pump

We have a lot of customers asking about the benefits of switching their HVAC to all electric. There are certainly some benefits but we want to start with the history of this product before we familiarize you with heat pumps and ductless applications. History: Although first used for indoor space heating in 1928 heat pumps […]

Water Bills Going Through the Roof?

Why is my water bill.so high

Do you ask yourself, “Why is my water bill so high?” At Lorenz, we’ve dealt with plumbing for more than 45 years, so we’ve learned much about plumbing and water usage firsthand. If you opened your water bill and were shocked or frustrated at the total amount due, you might look closer at your water […]

Why Efficiency Ratings Matter (SEER)?

Understanding EER Energy Efficiency Rating For AC

With summer just around the corner, you may consider upgrading your air conditioning system. One of the most significant considerations when upgrading is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). EER is a measure of how efficiently your system uses energy. It’s calculated by dividing the output cooling energy of an air conditioner (in British Thermal Units […]

When It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater: A Homeowner’s Guide

when to replace water heater

As a homeowner, keeping a close eye on your home’s major appliances to ensure they work efficiently and safely is essential. The hot water heater is one of the most commonly overlooked but essential appliances. If your aging water heater is over 8-12 years old, it’s wise to monitor it for signs that it’s time […]

Your Essential HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist Guide

Spring is in the air. You might be opening the windows in your home to let in the fresh air, mowing the lawn for the first time this year, or adjusting the dial on your thermostat from heat to cool. Spring is also the perfect time to look around the outside of your home and […]

How Can You Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Colder months can keep you cooped up indoors for most of the day. You may dream of warmer and greener days ahead and not even think about the air you’re breathing indoors at the office or in your home. Indoor Air Quality or IAQ for short, is a great way to manage and control the […]

Why Am I Running Out of Hot Water Faster Than Before?

Water heaters can bring so much comfort to a home by making your water warm and hot when you need it most. From relaxing hot showers to washing and cleaning dishes, the water temperature is determined by your water heater. At Lorenz Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we often get customers calling asking why their […]

Where is that water shut-off valve?

Winter can be unpredictable with the weather, bringing extreme temperatures, which can lead to pipes bursting. The service calls we received during a recent freeze could be divided into two groups: those that knew where their water shut-off valve was located and those that didn’t. Regardless both were without water and needed help as quickly […]

Tankless Water Heaters: Are they worth the hype?

Tankless Water Heater Pros and Cons The short answer is MAYBE! But it depends on many variables. There is much to learn and be aware of in the world of hot water heaters. You might assume that you will get endless and instant hot water if you invest in a tankless system. Well, not so […]

Heat Your Home Sustainably with a Heat Pump

As the weather gets colder, you have most likely flipped the switch on your HVAC system from AC to Heat. Your furnace is running and hopefully well. As you adjust to bringing out winter coats, hats, and gloves, the weather may also bring a higher utility bill. A money-saving option could be a heat pump. […]