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Time to Schedule Your Fall HVAC Tune-Up

If you’re like a lot of folks, you don’t give much thought to your HVAC system.

The only exceptions might be when you adjust the thermostat or when something goes wrong. 

But taking the time to give your system a little TLC is well worth the effort. Similar to getting your car serviced at the right intervals, regular system tune-ups help to keep your equipment in good working order. If your system is less than 5 years old, an annual service visit may be sufficient. For older systems, twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, is highly recommended. 

Spring and fall are the best times for HVAC service because they help prepare you for the extreme heat of summer and the brutal cold of winter. A fall furnace tune-up ensures that your system will be ready to keep you warm and toasty during the colder months ahead. 

Benefits of a Fall HVAC Service Call

Fall is the time to have a trained technician take a look at your furnace and take care of small repairs ahead of the winter season. This will help your system operate more effiiciently and lower the cost of ownership. Here are some of the advantages of investing in a fall furnace tune-up

  • Lower energy bills: A well-maintained furnace needs less power to keep you comfortable, so you’ll stay warm for less money. 
  • Prevent breakdowns: The last thing you need is for your heater to stop running in the middle of a snow storm. Your technician will detect minor problems when they’re easier and cheaper to fix, so you can rest a little easier all winter. 
  • Comfort and consistency: Nobody likes a sudden change in temperature when moving from room to room. Those unpleasant hot and cold spots are a warning sign that your furnace isn’t working like it should. Regular servicing helps your furnace heat your home more evenly. 
  • Longer lifespan: A typical HVAC system may last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on a host of factors. Routine preventive maintenance helps push your system toward the longer end of that range, reducing the expensive cost of replacement. 
  • Maintain air quality: When your system is working properly, you’ll notice less dust, dander and other allergens in your house. This is good news for allergy sufferers. 
  • Safety: Your technician will check for signs of carbon monoxide leaks and other hazards for even greater peace of mind. 
  • Eco-friendly: A properly working furnace is not just good for your comfort and your wallet. It’s also good for the environment by helping you use energy more efficiently. 

What to Expect During Your Fall HVAC Tune-Up

Cleaner Applied to HVAC unit Cracked heat exchanger

Your technician will thoroughly inspect your furnace to identify any issues that need addressing. 

Items to check during a fall service call include the heat exchanger, blower wheel, flue and motor bearings. The circuit board will be examined for hot spots, and the technician will check and adjust the belt if needed. They’ll check volts/amps on the heat strips, inducer and blower motor, and look for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. If needed, the technician will replace the air filters, calibrate the thermostat and clean electrical connections and burners. 

Other Ways to Get Your System Ready for Winter

Clean furnace filters

In addition to your fall service visit, there are many things you can do to prepare your furnace for the winter and keep it running smoothly all season long.

  • Change the filter: This helps your system run more easily and efficiently. Check your manufacturer’s instructions or ask your technician for a recommended interval. About once every 1 to 3 months is typical.
  • Keep it clean: Keeping your unit free of debris also keeps it in good condition. Turn it off first, brush off any dust or dirt and wipe with a damp cloth if needed.
  • Check the pilot light: You want to see a clear blue flame with a light yellow tip. If it appears yellow, orange or flickering, call your technician to check it out. 
  • Clean your system registers: You can do this easily with a vacuum cleaner brush attachment. This will remove dust, improve air quality and maintain efficiency.
  • Watch for signs of carbon monoxide leaks: Installing a CO monitor in your home is always a smart idea. In addition, you can check your furnace for a number of red flags which may indicate a leak. These include corrosion, holes, peeling paint or rust on the unit. 

If you want to make sure your furnace is ready for whatever Old Man Winter dishes out, schedule your fall service call with Lorenz Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning.

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