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Why is my water bill.so high

Water Bills Going Through the Roof?

Do you ask yourself, “Why is my water bill so high?” At Lorenz, we’ve dealt with plumbing for more than 45 years, so we’ve learned much about plumbing and water usage firsthand. If you opened your water bill and were

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Understanding EER Energy Efficiency Rating For AC

Why Efficiency Ratings Matter (SEER)?

With summer just around the corner, you may consider upgrading your air conditioning system. One of the most significant considerations when upgrading is the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). EER is a measure of how efficiently your system uses energy. It’s

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Where is that water shut-off valve?

Winter can be unpredictable with the weather, bringing extreme temperatures, which can lead to pipes bursting. The service calls we received during a recent freeze could be divided into two groups: those that knew where their water shut-off valve was

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