24/7 Emergency Service

24-Hour Emergency Services

Need help right away? Call 417-863-1122 for prompt service.
Smell gas? It is important for everyone in your family to recognize the “smell” of natural gas, often similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. If you think you smell gas evacuate immediately and then call the proper utility company. For anything else, call Lorenz.
Carbon monoxide alarm going off? Evacuate immediately and call your local utility company.
Urgent plumbing or HVAC problems require a quick response. Contact Lorenz for fast service.

Suspect a Gas Line Leak?

If you think you smell gas, ACT FAST! Leave the area quickly. Once you are safely away from the area of danger, call your gas supplier and or 911. If you are a City Utilities customer call CU at 417-863-9000 to report a natural gas emergency. Please feel free to call us anytime to help resolve the issue.
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For any emergency from clogged up drains, water or gas leaks to no hot water or frozen pipes call Lorenz anytime and we will be there to help. 


From a furnace not working on a cold night to no AC on a hot humid Ozarks day we are here to keep you comfortable 24/7. Lorenz will get the problem fixed fast so you can stay safe and comfortable inside your home.

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At Lorenz, we’re your friends in plumbing, heating and air. We can help with emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. Call or text 417-863-1122.